Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer

This course provides students with the concepts and experience needed to work with and deploy applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Students will gain experience in pushing apps to Cloud Foundry, accessing logs, and scaling. Students will explore topics directly related to the design and running of cloud-native applications, including microservice architectures, blue-green deployments, and continuous delivery.

This course prepares students for the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer Certification Exam. Exams are sold separately.

• Instructor-led: Private (onsite) only
• Self-paced: Available exclusively via Pluralsight (http://go.pluralsight.com/pivotal)

• Instructor-led: three days
• Pluralsight: Self-paced

Application developers seeking introductory understanding of Cloud Foundry using it to deploy, manage, and scale applications.

Understanding of application development and deployment. This course is aimed at developers regardless of your development language of choice. No specific programming language is needed or assumed.

Self-paced Class

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Private Onsite Class

Pivotal's private classes are taught by Pivotal Certified Instructors at your training facility or via our Live Online (virtual) platform.

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