Certification Exam: Application Framework

The Application Framework certification exams test and validate your proficiency with Core Spring.

Recommended Certification Path:

• Complete the Core Spring
• Take the proctored certification exam

Prior to attempting an exam, Pivotal recommends thoroughly reviewing exam topics and the exam structure, as outlined in the corresponding Exam Brief. Exam Briefs are available at pivotal.io/training/certification.

Other Certification Exam Information:

Purchasing the Certification Exam entitles you to one (1) proctored exam attempt with our exam provider, PSI/ExamsLocal. All exams are taken online and are remotely proctored. You will receive exam registration and scheduling instructions via email once you have completed your exam purchase. Your exam must be scheduled and taken within 90 days of your exam purchase or your exam attempt will be forfeited. 

For more information about the Pivotal Certification Program, please visit pivotal.io/training/certification or pivotal.io/training/faq/certification.

Spring Professional Exam
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