Spring Cloud Data Flow Developer

Spring Cloud Data Flow is a cloud native programming and operating model for creating and deploying composable data microservices on modern runtimes.

This comprehensive 2 day course will provide students with the skills needed to leverage Spring Cloud Data Flow for real-time and batch data extraction, processing, and ingestion. The hands-on course covers installation and administration of Spring Cloud Data Flow; usage of the Spring Cloud Data Flow shell; creating, configuring, deploying, and scaling streams and tasks; as well as the development of custom modules including sink, processor, and source stream applications.

• Instructor-led
• Live-online (Virtual)
• Private, Onsite Training

• 2-days

This training is designed for developers and architects interested in using Spring Cloud Data Flow for handling their data processing use cases. It would also be of interest to those wanting to migrate existing Spring Integration or Spring Batch projects to Spring Cloud Data Flow, in order to leverage it’s advanced features and functionality.

• Familiarity with running basic OS commands from a shell/command-prompt
• Basic Java development skills, including ability to run Apache Maven commands

• Datasheet found under 'Additional Resources'

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*Price is for one seat.
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